Sh*t Girls Say (and some other Friday links)

If you haven’t seen the short video, “Shit Girls Say,” I urge you to go watch it. Right now.
It’s definitely my favorite of the genre, but Aron and I were passing videos back and forth with friends the other night and I couldn’t resist passing them along for a Friday afternoon.

Compliments,” by Amy Schumer for Comedy Central

and “It’s Not About the Nail,” by Jason Headley

Enjoy! Here are some other things that have been catching my eye lately…

More fun laughs, with Seth Meyers and Jerry Seinfeld.
A whole menu of meals for camping.
Meghan at DesignTripper checked into the Gallery Inn, a favorite from our brief stay in Puerto Rico on this Caribbean trip.
I love all the tangents in this post about the movie Moonstruck (which is fantastic, isn’t it?); almost like a rumination on the way memory works.
This looks delicious! Maybe I’d float mine is some Prosecco. Or gin!
Speaking of libations… (weren’t we?) Until I can get back to that crystalline sea in Sardinia, I’d like to try this.
HIPPxRGB (a line of “5 Free” nail polishes) is making nude and nearly nude nail colors to pair by skin tone. I’d like to try the sheer pink and nude tint.
Thank you all for the amazing feedback on the Paris Travelogue! I mentioned that I didn’t make it to the shop, Merci, but I just learned they have an online site!
We’re having built-ins installed in our closet tomorrow! I’m SO excited. Breaking out the chore list and getting organized!
Did you check out the OXO Tot giveaway? I really do love the travel snack cup (if it’s possible to love such things).

Have a great weekend!

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