Stumptown Brew Bar

As we have may have mentioned before, it seems that the presence of Stumptown coffee on the menu at a New York restaurant is a strong predictor that we’ll like the place. So when Stumptown opened their doors at their Red Hook-based roasting plant for taste tests of the various coffees, I was eager to visit. The coffee is roasted and packed daily for distribution around the city; the brew bar is open only on weekends.
You first choose from a long list of varietals: I went with beans from Costa Rica, and was told to look for stone fruits, like peaches; Ashley went for an Indonesian variety (full-body and low acidity).
They will brew the coffee using your choice of a number of methods (Chemex, AeroPress, French Press, and so on), each also bringing out distinct qualities, and serve their coffee black.
I’m not sure I’d say it was like biting into a peach, but I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed black coffee so much.

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