Stretching (& Friday Links)

Somehow this week turned out to be full of stretches—the good kind. I felt like I was back in school, trying new things every day. On Monday, I went to my third ceramics class and brought home my first fired object. On Tuesday, I drove up to the cabin and went skiing by myself. On Thursday, I tried my first Barre class—which also happened to be my first exercise class of any kind since Skyler was born. And today I got literally stretched at a Spa-Day-Birthday-Party. Of course, it all took a small village—comprised of grandparents, teachers, Aron, afterschool playgroup, and our babysitter—and I appreciated all of it!

Has anyone done a Barre class before? Everywhere hurt the next morning, but I’m excited to go back tomorrow.  It kind of reminded me of the Tracey Anderson routine I watched on Oprah so many years ago! (Does anyone else remember this?) If I keep doing it, will I have arms like Gwyneth? Please tell me yes.

Any fun plans for the weekend? Here are some links of note if a little internet browsing is in the cards…

Loving the women of NASA Lego set!

Cute and breezy jumpsuit for spring.

Love Stephanie’s imaginary outfits—this coordinated one is really sweet.

For stuffy noses, I hear this is awesome.

The Fresh Air interview with the author has me wanting to read this. Getting rave reviews.

Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use an iPad.

When I’m done with the Whole30, I’d like to try these Fish Cakes.

A child’s view of coming to America as a refugee.

Sonoma is the most amazing place. (P.S. There’s a ton of Sonoma-related travel in the archives if you’re planning a trip!)

How to make friends with another mother at the park.

If only 100 people lived on Earth

Do you think the New York Times Wedding announcements are justified?

I’ve already seen this viral clip shared about two dozen times in the last 12 hours (some with very harsh critiques), but this breakdown was best.

Have to say that Aron was the one who made sure we all said vulva.

Such a wonderful piece of public art!

My best friend from High School—check it out if you’re near Ukiah!

Doing some brainstorming for future posts. Anything you’d like to see covered?

Have a good one!

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