The Queen of Soul (& Friday Links)

I recall a quote President Obama once gave to the New Yorker about why he found Aretha Franklin’s voice so moving: “Nobody embodies more fully the connection between the African-American spiritual, the blues, R. & B., rock and roll—the way that hardship and sorrow were transformed into something full of beauty and vitality and hope.” She will be missed. Isn’t it wonderful that the sound of her music will live on yet? (And that 2016 article is really a wonderful tribute, if you haven’t read it.)

We are spending some of our last days of summer vacation in Lake Tahoe this week—our longest stay so far. Then it’s a busy last week before school starts. Have the kids in your home or neighborhood gone back to school yet? It seems earlier than when I was a kid.

Enjoy the weekend! Some links of note… 

Small and big ways to help make change in the 2018 Midterm elections. Share widely!

Seven former C.I.A. directors issued a public letter supporting Brennan and denouncing the President’s decision…”

On my to-read list: Liberal white feminism

(And while I have only seen the headlines shared, it has made me think back to this conversation about the women’s march.)

And to-make: Indian butter cauliflower

Also, Keto Peanut Butter Pie.

Joy Cho to Mother Mag: “I love the simple and clear tips in this book for how to talk to kids when they’re not listening and it feels like nothing you’ve previously said is working. It’s a must have!” Love the premise!

I’ve never been to Lucca, but I’ve had many people tell me it’s their favorite Italian city.

Asked a very chic looking woman about her caftan and she said she found it on Amazon. I think it was this one in the black and white stripe!

Aron’s addition to the link list this week.

Finally, and I may make this a longer post soon, we’re thinking of taking a trip to the Caribbean this coming year and I’d be interested to check out a hotel with a great kids’ club and/or an all-inclusive resort. Has anyone stayed at one they’d recommend? I’d love some help!

(Here is our last trip to the area: Grand Cayman and a 5 Things guide to Turks & Caicos)

[Photo: Aretha Franklin, New York, October 14, 1968 (contact print).Photograph by Richard Avedon / © the Richard Avedon Foundation]

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