Stonover Farm

We mentioned that, on our trip to the Berkshires, we had a chance to stay at a wonderful place called Stonover Farm. Although the area is filled with beautiful B&Bs, it can be hard to find ones without all of those lacy frills. In fact, at the nightly wine-and-cheese hour, we bonded with other guests over our shared preference for places with clean lines and simple, white duvet covers.


Tom and Suky Werman bought the property–a gentleman’s dairy farm dating to the late nineteenth century–in 2001, after years as a record producer and educator (respectively) in Los Angeles, and converted it to an inn with five guest areas.


We chose to stay in the Rock Cottage–a large, stand-alone building on the property–because, when we booked, we had no idea whether Hudson would be crying a lot or not. Fearing the wrath of potential neighbors, we signed up for more space than we needed in exchange for seclusion. It was also important to me that we find a place we would be happy holding up in, should sightseeing prove especially difficult. The cottage has a full kitchen and a fireplace (and a lofted bedroom we never even used). Had it been available, we would have been equally (maybe even more) interested in the renovated “schoolhouse“–I was envious of its tub.


We were surprised at how much we enjoyed meeting the other guests, both over wine and over delicious breakfasts–and were happy that they didn’t seem to mind our squirmy, drooling (but completely charming, of course) 13-week-old. After all, it did seem at first like the sort of place adults might go to escape their children. But in fact, we met four other kids during the course of our stay.


It’s definitely a splurge, but I would love to return to Stonover and would recommend it if you’re looking for a romantic spot (without four-poster beds).

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