Falling back

Last weekend, on the day of the marathon (always a fittingly beautiful day), we remembered what it’s like to watch the sun set in the 4 o’clock hour. I was dreading the change (and indeed we’re all getting up a little earlier than we would like this week), but it has had an upside: the return of sunsets and late afternoon light! As it turns out, with an infant who goes to bed at 7pm, we were really starting to miss being outside while the sky turned golden or pink as the city turned on its lights. Of course, for poor Aron, it means he might not see the sun at all most days–so he is whistling a different tune.

New York City is especially beautiful right now–we’re in the peak of that autumn glow–so I’m looking forward to lots of time outside this weekend. I’m also looking forward to meeting a new baby; a best friend is due today. (11/11/11!)

Any fun plans?

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