Helping Karma happen

I feel like I often find things I’d love to return–but have no way to do so. And I’d like to think others would feel the same about my things.
Someone just told me about a company called FoundIt! that helps you get back (or return) lost items–a virtual lost-and-found. I’m hoping I don’t misplace anything valuable anytime soon, but this seems like a great solution to my dilemma (and especially good for travelers): you get an ID and use it to label things like your camera, your phone, your luggage, or whatever you like. Then, when someone finds the labeled item, they contact FoundIt and they instantly text and email you with the Finder’s information. Would you use it?
Fun (semi-related) story: Aron and I found an engagement ring last year on New Year’s Eve. It felt SO good getting it back to the wonderful couple who lost it. And now we’re friends! 
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