Stealing Beauty (& Friday Links)

Spring break meant hitting pause on our Italy planning, and it’s been a challenge getting back to it. I’ve discovered a lot of stops makes for a lot more work—especially when things are filling up fast or very expensive. I realize this isn’t a serious problem, but it’s been very all-consuming this week. Also, I think we need to drop Sicily. I was trying to do too much.

Speaking of Italy, all the buzz for Call Me By Your Name has made me remember how much I loved Bertolucci’s Stealing Beauty when I was graduating from high school. I think it and Room With A View informed all of my romantic visions of Northern Italy the way Call Me By Your Name may be doing for many today.

Perhaps I need to watch it again this weekend amid planning.

Here are some other diverting items… 

Argh!! Nobody is asking for this, right? Do they remember all the smog?

Okay. Breathe. Here’s a cat wearing an image of a cat.

Modeling resilience. And a few tips for taking a pause when you’re mad at your kids. (Or maybe Scott Pruitt?)

Ha! This Oprah instagram is the best! (via A Cup of Jo)

Really enjoyed this interview with Madeleine Albright. (Also, this article, related.)

Escalating weaponry.

Indeed: “the enthusiasm of crowd spirit and the sickening feeling of the doom to come.”

Double standards and free-range parenting.

Get ‘n ma belly!

Ditto. (Love watching Carla make these, btw. Thanks, Liz.)

I may have shared this… but I’m excited: there’s going to be an electric VW bus!

Considering a new daypack Aron and I can use for summer travels. (I like this water-resistant version, too—a bit more urban.)

Related: spotted a couple of cute cross-body straw bags for summer. This one or this one?

My friend has been sporting these Freda Salvador mules and they look amazing. Maybe a less wallet-busting, but similar look?

Skyler is obsesses with twirly play-dresses right now and these pretty, easy-to-wash, non-restrictive ones are the best we’ve found. (She calls the dark blue her “Elsa dress.”)

A food-pyramid for media consumption.

Two books I’ve been hearing about lately. Interest piqued. One and two. Recent favorites?

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