It’s in the water

Last week we posted about our dinner at Motorino–around the corner, maker of a wonderful Naples-style pizza–and ever since then, its name seems to be jumping out at me from the virtual pages of Serious Eats and Slice. There’s a great edition of The Food Lab on Slice, in which J. Kenji Lopez-Alt tries to test the theory that the mineral content of water effects pizza crust. After all, haven’t you heard that the secret to New York’s top-rate pizza is the tap water?
The actual results of his experiment are a bit lack-luster, but the way he goes about testing the theory–very methodically, with the help of Motorino’s pizza-maker–is such a fun read (particularly if you’re a bit of a food nerd and love rigging double-blind tastings). And from the looks of it, there are a few of us out there: the comments are hillarious! (Did you consider this factor or that factor? Is crisp the equivalent of sturdy? And so on.) I think I might need to make some more pizza… or find my way onto his taste-test team…
P.S. The Food Lab is such a fun feature. Aron and I are jonesing to try to recreate the Shake Shack burger a la Mr. Lopez-Alt ‘s Burger Lab research on A Hamburger Today
(Top Photos by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt; bottom found here)

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