Candied Citrus Peels (and some Friday links)

I’ve always wanted to make candied Citrus peels–and now that we have citrus trees in our yard, it will be done. This is something that I was reminded of when I saw the gorgeous tutorial over on House of Brinson. Susan Brinson brought some pretty amazing gingerbread caramels to a dessert exchange party I went to a year or so ago, so I trust that these are delicious as they look.

Did you make any handmade gifts this year? Aron and I made dozens of jars of pepper jelly together for one of our first joint Christmas gifts, and we usually make some cookies to hand out–sometimes to disastrous effect.

We leave tomorrow night for Southern California, where we’ll spend the holiday with my parents and extended family. Aron and I have been debating getting an audio book for the drive and agree it’s hard to pass up David Sedaris this time of year. The only problem? We might wake Hudson with our laughing. Have you heard him read his story about being a “Santa’s Helper” from the SantaLand Diaries?  I can’t decide whether listening to that or his “Six to Eight Black Men” about differences in national character and Christmas culture is my favorite holiday tradition. I’m telling you: tears. Tears of laughter.

Or should we listen to something new? What were your favorite reads of the year and which would be a good audio-book download?

A few other notables…

Hello Miss Kate Miss! What a lovely voice you have! (I’m nominating you for a walk-on on Nashville right now. 😉

Another reason for us to plan a trip to Paris ASAP: I’d like Hudson to still fit in this chair.

I’m thinking of trying this DIY to hang an office-style first-aid kit in our laundry room–something obvious for babysitters and the like.

I love Jordan’s gift lists. Now I just need a link for the tree. We have some lovely Fiddle Fig Leaf trees but they’re quite small. Where does one source the instant gratification of a tall one?

Some of you had asked about my red suede ballet flats. I love them!

Which reminds me: Have you been checking out Luvocracy? I’ve been slowly adding more picks myself, but I have to admit I’ve been sidetracked with my own holiday shopping. Right now, they’re offering a special expedited delivery service if you still need things by December 24.

Thinking about a very white Christmas, a few years back.

Safe travels and a happy weekend to all of you!


[Photo by William Brinson for House of Brinson]

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