Scenes from our 4th of July


Hope those of you who stood to advantage from a three-day-weekend had a great one! The 4th of July has always been a favorite holiday of mine because it, like many good birthday parties, tends to include friends and family and good food—and it’s in the summer!

But I especially enjoy our Davis celebrations of late: the day begins with a very Americana kiddie parade (this was our second year) and some bike races that leave you with that “I love this little town”-feeling; and then we cool off in the pool with friends before walking over to community park to catch the fireworks.

Our day this year had some unexpected twists, but overall was a great one. Here are some photos…



Every Fourth of July, there’s a criterium bike race downtown—the 0.7-mile-loop includes five 90-degree left turns and one 90-degree right turn. Yikes!



kiddie parade

fourth of July

The kiddie parade is so short, it’s hilarious! But there’s all this build up as you wait behind firetrucks and a band and then… oh my goodness, watch out! They’re off! And then… you stop a few times, pull to the side because someone has an itchy leg, swerve into innocent onlookers… Actually, we slowed for that group photo up there with friends and the mother behind me told me I was going to make “all the bikers fall.” Woah, stakes are high, folks! Kids on parade!

(Oh, and while we were waiting I caught this video of Skyler dancing.)





The kids swam and swam for hours. Hudson was a champ, even surprising us when he dove all the way down to the bottom of the deep end (8 feet) to grab a toy shark!


But all the fun was all a bit much for him we discovered after dinner, when he suddenly threw up. Poor guy! (I had been really sick at the start of last week, so I probably am the one who did him in—but three hours of swimming and a high-stakes bike parade likely didn’t help.)



Still, he insisted he felt better and so badly wanted to see the fireworks—and it felt wrong to take them away from him—so we all still went. (Aron and I wonder: good parents or bad for that?) The nice thing is that we can leave our house just 30 minutes before the show and walk over to the park and still get a great spot on the grass.

They watched and clapped and cheered and then he fell asleep in the stroller almost instantly after. Skyler, meanwhile, stayed up ’til 10:30pm like it was nothing. And then didn’t sleep in.


But look at that smile. Happy holiday!

P.S. More photos on my Instagram. And the 4th of July in New York City.

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