Sawyer (and some Friday links)

A few more photos from our first few days with our new puppy, who we decided to name (drumroll) Sawyer!


I especially enjoy the one of Hudson reading to the dog (he wanted to show him Go Dog, Go)–and of Aron reading him Puppies for Dummies. 

Have a great weekend! Here are some things that have caught my eye recently…

The entries in this champagne chair contest are incredible!
What would you tell your 10-year-younger self? (And this is what makes a wedding registry so scary, right?)
Our Ergo baby carrier was indispensable–especially while traveling. This one is made for expressly that purpose. Brilliant!
Lamps that look like (and are) works of art, by Ana Kras.
Why do books smell? (Do you kind of love “old book smell”?)
And in related news: literary fragrances 
Happy 100th birthday, Grand Central!
Holy smokes: Holla’ for Challah! This looks amazing.
And I’d like to assuage any guilt over the carb loading with this.
I love Julie Delpy and can’t wait to see this! (BTW, can you imagine being the costume designer who has to pick the single outfit each wears? Pressure!)
Cheeky birthday candles
Are you a blogger? Have you been enjoying the recaps from Alt? I followed along much more closely this year. Any favorite things you gleaned?
Finally, the most viral Superbowl ads of all time.

And P.S. Aron is doing fantastically well. You’d never guess he just had back surgery two weeks ago. Thank you again for all the well wishes!

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