Ricotta-Stuffed Squash Blossoms (& Friday Links)

Ricotta-Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Our farmer’s market is filled with Squash Blossoms (or Zucchini Flowers) right now. They look incredible—and so tempting—but I find I often let them languish after I bring them home. So here’s a recipe from Donna Hay, to get us all inspired.

You’ll need Squash Blossoms (courgette), ricotta, lemon, salt, basil, and pecorino (and some optional chili flakes). You’ll also need  some vegetable oil, cornstarch, and flour for frying.

Of course, there’s also Squash-blossom pizza!

Some other items of note… 

“According to a study by Israeli researchers Rama Klavir and David Leiser, children between the ages of 3 and 5 seem to think that birthday parties cause aging” —and other revelations about how kids interpret getting older. (The video is so charming! I feel the same way sometimes!)

Apparently, motherhood is trending. You know, just like… striped shirts.

Understanding Turkish rug symbols.

Elvis’s last words were, “I hope I haven’t bored you.” Other notable goodbyes, here.

Love this simple (and beautiful!) handmade memory game.

Tacos for breakfast.

Edible confetti.

A gorgeous suspended table (that you can make yourself!).

Just a woman and her chicken.

“The Imagined Desks of Historical Women.”

Don’t watch this if you’re headed to the beach. (How Great Whites attack.)

And, Aussies: Do you have AC/DC in your blood? A funny NPR piece on the rock band. (Confession: Thunderstruck was the song my crew team listened to before every race. It still gives me a bump of adrenaline.)

Have a great weekend!

[Photo by Donna Hay]

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