Renegade Craft comes to Brooklyn

After following one of Eva’s comments on one of our posts, we became aware of her and her husband’s  letterpress shop, Sycamore Street Press–and of the Renegade Craft Fair going on this weekend at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. Ashley was a bit under the weather, but I dragged her out to check out what we found to be a bit like an etsy-in-person fair.
Some notable finds to my eyes were the delicate papier-mâché bowls by Up in the Air Somewhere, the canvas sacs by Forestbound, the tub caddy (that Ashley has been eyeing online) by Peg and Awl. There was a huge array of stationers and lots of jewelry and fashion booths (e.g. belts by Death and Texas), though Ashley noted that the real show as far as fashion was concerned was the crowd itself–full of trendy footwear and trending washed denim outfits on the largely female, 20-something crowd. (I may have stood out a bit.)

The free fair travels around the country (next stop: Los Angeles) and is definitely worth seeking out for fans of independent designers and crafters, with the caveat that there was a lot of repetition.

We also got a chance to meet Emily and Faith, when they were nice enough to stop us to say hello! Emily is the blogger behind Short Story Design and, it turns out, is a neighbor.

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