On one of those super-steamy days last week (we enjoyed a bit of a heat wave in the city), Aron and I checked out popbar in the West Village. You choose your gelato or sorbetto on a stick and then choose whether to dip into milk, dark, or white chocolate, before topping it with something like shredded coconut, hazelnuts, or coffee grinds. Aron tried the coffee gelato, but we both loved the pistachio (with milk chocolate and extra pistachios) best. Very pretty. Very delicious. A bit expensive. 

 We tried to take our grown-up popsicles across the street to a small park but barely made it out of the store before the gelato was running down over our wrists! Sadly, they didn’t have plates or cups that would let one savor the treat; we both downed ours as quickly as possible. It reminded me a little of the dipped bananas and ice cream bars my parents and I would get all time on Balboa Island* in Southern California (although Balboa Bars came with a little paper boat). 

*Apparently Balboa’s vendors were the inspiration for the Bluth banana stand on Arrested Development!

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