Raise your glass (& Friday Links)

We’re celebrating birthdays this weekend—Aron’s and, today, his mom’s! I wish we could all beam ourselves to this bar to celebrate. Isn’t it the most beautiful space? It’s Le Coucou, in New York City, and Bon Appetit describes the vibe as “candle wax dripping from long tapers onto the table, chefs wearing toques without a hint of irony, and plush banquettes that you’ll sink into like they’re a bed of pillows.” It was no surprise to me to learn the designers are Roman and Williams. Their restaurant designs are always incredible!

What are your plans for the weekend? Hope it’s a good one!

Some links of note… 

The comments on this wonderful post. It all resonates too much. #Metoo

Also, why the “proverbial handraise” movement started and why it matters. (Also, some complications.)

I don’t think my driveway is long enough, but it’s a great idea.

Are you going to try this trend? An inexpensive way to um, dip your toe into those patterned, chunky heel booties.

I think I need to start using under-eye cream. Tried this in a magazine, and I think I’m going to get some. Any other favorites?

Looks delicious. I’d like to set some good intentions before the holidays take over.

If I wrote wish-lists for Santa, this book would be on it.

Thank you to those who shared the site The Ma Books with me! Enjoyed this article recently.

Childhood trends in media use.

More podcasts for kids. (Here’s our list.)

Seamless photoshop work.

Uniqlo’s down vests are so great for layering (and for cold airplanes).

Learned about these covers for Ikea sofas on Say Yes. The headboard covers are incredible, too!

Jenny Rosenstrach’s must-have list. (Reminds me, I want to try those drinking vinegars! I loved Pok Pok when we were in LA.)

And on Harvey Weinstein…

“We don’t have the justice system on our side; we don’t have institutional power; we don’t have millions of dollars or the presidency; but we have our stories, and we’re going to keep telling them.” Yes, this is a witch hunt.

“There are things men do that are the fault of women who are too sexy, and other things men do that are the fault of women who are not sexy enough, but women only come in those two flavors.” And why, of course, it’s Hillary’s fault.

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