John Oliver (& Friday Links)


A few people mentioned John Oliver’s wonderful rant on Mother’s Day about the lack of paid family leave in America—particularly following this post about the sincere intentions of the day.

It’s truly worth watching in full, but if you’re in a rush, this spoof-ad clip is particularly funny.

Here are some other items of note…

This New York Times article spread like wildfire. Would you want one? (Funny sidenote: There was a bidet in my old house!)

After sharing an Avengers-themed party the other day, someone shared this article in which an actuary explains the process by way of which Avenger would be hardest to insure.

Also fun: The female Thor is outselling the male one by 30 percent!

And in a somewhat related note, Amazon drops “Gender” as a search tool for toys from its sidebar! (Though I found there are still boys and girls toy-listing pages.) (via boingboing)

A few years ago, Oakland was the new Brooklyn. Now, apparently, Sacramento is the new Oakland. Here’s hoping it’s also the new Sacramento! (P.S. Raise your hand if you’re local. Always curious who lives nearby.)

Yes, they’re trying to make us cry with this ad. (It worked on me.)

PSA: Just learned you get to pick 3 samples whenever you buy beauty products at Nordstrom. I’m trying this for summer, because their Blowout has been great.

Aron did five years of residency at NYU to become a urologist. For his fellow residents (or anyone close to one): what residency has stolen.

A new subscription service for socially conscious goods.

Jessica Biel’s chic nursing bra was showing and it’s become a sensation.

Yet another reason to love Amy Schumer.

And a political discussion on Facebook that I actually enjoyed!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be hanging out with these sweeties.

(Photos: CHAD BATKA for The New York Times)

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