Pumpkin Fail

On Saturday, we packed up our sweet little boy and drove out onto the north fork of Long Island for a first pumpkin picking, some cider sipping, and a generally lovely fall afternoon.You know how important pumpkin patches and apples are to three month olds, afterall.
It was an absolutely beautiful day. And we especially enjoyed walking around the village of Greenport with coffee from Aldo’s.
But every time we would find an interesting farm stand between here and there, it seemed he had just, finally dozed. (At lunch in Greenport, the completely worn out kiddo fell asleep immediately, no thanks to us! We felt so guilty for pushing him beyond his naps.) So we pointed at a lot of corn mazes and pumpkin patches and apple orchards from the car, but that was about it.
When we finally made our one exception, stopping at Helen’s U-Pick, we found the field pretty picked over. Aron had fun pushing the wheel barrel around and Hudson let us know that he was nonplussed about the whole affair.


In the end, we basically ended up driving out and back–but at least it was a lovely ride! Somehow, despite a trip to the Berkshires and a drive around the farms of Long Island, we are still pumpkin-less. [Sigh.]

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