How to order food in other languages (& Friday Links)

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I think I’ve landed on the essential trick for ordering really delicious, interesting food (that you’ll actually like) when you’re traveling someplace you don’t speak the language.

While we were in Mexico, Aron did the majority of the talking. His Spanish is getting really good! But menus are tough for non-native speakers. They can be so specific—the cut of the meat, the preparation of the salad. So if you’re a fairly adventurous eater, you shouldn’t learn how to say what you like; you should learn to say what you don’t like. Then you can ask the server for recommendations. We would say: “qué me recomienda?” And then you could maybe add the translation for “no spicy” or “no innards” or “no fish”… whatever the case may be for you!

It’s so much more fun than just picking out the one thing you recognize on the menu. (Quesadilla, anyone?)

By the way, thank you for the great responses to the Mexico City travelogue I shared earlier this week. I really enjoy looking back at them and I’m glad that you all seem to enjoy them even if they’re on the long side! It really was such a cool place.

I’m not over this topic yet. I, too, use lots of exclamation points. How about you?

This article about an earthquake destroying the Pacific Northwest is terrifying. I almost hesitate to share it because I want to look away.

At least The New Yorker  followed it up with some preparedness tips.

I wish I thought exercising were more fun.

I really admire Danny Meyer. (We actually met once and he seemed like such a genuinely nice guy.)

Game of Thrones will be eight seasons, and yes, he’s dead.

In other TV news: Despite rave reviews, I held back on Catastrophe thinking it was just very saavy Amazon marketing hype (it’s a Prime series). But it really is good! I’m hooked.

The Nordstrom sale is ending. I’ve got my eye on these ankle boots—the heel seems like the perfect height.

Finally, did you enter the giveaway?

Have a great weekend!

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