On the Hunt: Northern Spy

I would wager that it’s a rare weekend that passes without our missing one of our dearly departed brunch favorites, 202 (and its heavenly French Toast). It’s especially been a blow since Hudson arrived–do you know how rare it is to find brunch fare available at 9am here!? Even my mother-in-law, while visiting recently, requested that we return to “that lovely place in the Chelsea Market” and I had to, with lowered eyes, break the news that they had closed.

So while we have Frankies’ French Toast to console us, we’re on the hunt for an alternative to fill the hole in our hearts that 202 left. The challenge: not only does the French toast have to be delicious, but there needs to be a savory dish that we equally love–for splitting, and the space has to be baby-friendly. Any suggestions?

We had been to Northern Spy, a not-to-be-missed, seasonal restaurant in Alphabet City, for lunch and dinner, but never for brunch. Their French toast was delicious and decadent (with sugar-coated pecans for topping, no less), but it was less custardy than 202’s and won’t become our new #1. Still, I imagine few would be disappointed with this one. They were super-accomodating with Hudson (giving us the corner booth usually reserved for larger parties at such a busy hour), but I wouldn’t say it’s ideal for babies (very tight/too tight to bring in even a folded stroller). However, what was outstanding was the little afterthought we grabbed to go: an apple fritter. We only live a few blocks from the restaurant, so we cheated by heating it once we were home, but it may now be our #1 apple fritter.

P.S. Hudson is four months old! You of course know what he looks like, but see his monthly photo and hear about some milestones, here.

Have a great weekend!

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