Goat Town

Photos from a pretty exceptional brunch last weekend: at the seasonal restaurant Goat Town in Alphabet City, we split the Pork Belly Ranchero with poached eggs, white beans, and tomatillo salsa, and the buckwheat ricotta pancake with drizzled honey. Capital-D Delicious. As you can see, we were the only ones there for brunch at 10am which (while not very cool) suited us just fine. It was beautiful inside, and I didn’t worry about disturbing when Hudson screamed now and then. Besides, when your six-month-old is routinely waking up at 4am, waiting until 10 to eat feels like an eternity!

Yes, you read that right: 4am. We’re not quite sure what is going on, but we’re in the midst of a major sleep regression and it’s not pretty. Yesterday our little rooster felt that the day should begin at 3am and would not fall back asleep for two hours. Maybe it’s because he’s making moves toward crawling (so exciting and clearly hard work), maybe it’s because he’s starting to teethe (I do believe his gums have some new ridges), or maybe we’re just responding completely wrong–but I think he’s essentially jet-lagged now. I’m hoping we can make some strides very quickly because we’re going on a little vacation in a few days and I was really hoping to sleep in a little (’til 5:30 at least!) Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I have so many things I’ve been meaning to post, but I think I should focus on sleeping whenever I get the chance! Is it really Monday already?

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