How to make Disney’s Dole Whips (and Friday links)


In all my years of visiting Disneyland (and those few summer trips to DisneyWorld), I’d never had that most-raved-about treat, the Dole Whip until now. I was surprised to find that the pineapple soft serve concoction lived up to the hype!

We’re headed back from our week in Florida, where our time was divided between the Magic Kingdom and the American Urologic Association’s annual meeting (or at least Aron’s was). And I may just have to try this copycat recipe for Disney’s Dole Whip sometime when we get back.

I also had fun reading the commentary about kids on flights while we were away. I wished I’d had more time to join the conversation, and hope to do so more later. Thank you for chiming in!

Here’s some more food for thought. A few links for the long weekend…

The best commencement speeches of all time.
“Is true idleness a lost skill?” I, for one, am terrible at this.
Life lessons from Ben Franklin.
year of creative experimentation.
Waffle ice cream sandwiches for long-weekend cookouts.
The “I Don’t Know” problem.
An app for budding (read: toddler) photographers.
Amazing pancake art.
round-up of cute backyard crafts.
Estella has a new knit doll collection.
And a strawberry salad that’s calling my name.

Have a great weekend!
[Photo via Lil’ Luna]

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