No. 7 Sub (more to love at the ACE hotel)

The folks from No. 7 (a lovely restaurant in Fort Greene that our friends, Alli & Ed, recently took us to) just opened up a little takeaway sandwich shop called No.7 Sub in the ACE hotel (which–with Stumptown coffee, the Breslin Gastropub, and some serious style–can seemingly do no wrong these days).

They bake their own sandwich bread and serve house-made ginger and hibiscus soda–that and some creative sandwich fixings made this a tasty stop for lunch today! Aron met me and we tried two sandwiches: Roast beef with pickled blueberries, doenjang (fermented soybean paste), smoked Gouda, and Romaine; and their take on a turkey Cubano, with swiss cheese, pickled daikon, and Chinese mustard (grainy and spicy–yum!). I thought they were both absolutely delicious. I almost went for the Imitation Lobster Thermador because all too often Roast Beef sandwiches are tough and you end up getting all the meat pulled out in one bite. But this was tender and everything, in both, was really balanced. The bread had a good smoosh-factor, too. I’m looking forward to trying others–especially ones with toppings like fried lemons and pesto of Thai Basil! 

The space is almost all-kitchen, but still easy on the eyes: lots of dark wood and marble surfaces.

We shared their Half-Moon cookie (what they’re calling the NY-classic Black-and-White) over at the Stumptown counter and took refuge from the shockingly cold breeze that was blowing today.

We’re headed off to BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) to see Greenberg tonight.
Noah Baumbach is going to stop by after for a Q&A (so I hope we all like it)! 

Have a good weekend!

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