How’d they do that? Eleven Madison Park Cookbook

Aron just learned that Eleven Madison is publishing a cookbook, authored by chef (and soon-to-be proprietor) Daniel Humm on 11/11/11! This restaurant evokes fond memories of our first year in the city, when his parents treated us to a meal there for our first anniversary. I still have the little scrolled copy of our dinner in a drawer. It was perhaps the best meal I’ve ever had–and incredibly romantic. They just earned three Michelin stars.
We returned a few times after that for the lunch special which, sadly, is no longer available but which used to be one of the best lunch deals in the city. They have since changed the organization of the restaurant, and we haven’t yet been back–besides being prohibitively expensive, we have yet to try out using a baby sitter.
But every time we went, there were always a few of those How-did-they-do-it? dishes. It seems so hard to translate their recipes for the home chef; I am really curious to see what is possible. With one exception, we made ourselves put the camera away during our meals, so I look forward to the pictures. At the very least, it should be beautiful.

P.S. Another amazing lunch deal in the city.
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