Momma’s got a brand-new (diaper) bag

I decided not to get a dedicated diaper bag, but sweet Aron found me a beautiful Michael Kors Gansevoort tote on ebay that I’d be much happier carrying and converting into a diaper bag. Really any bag can do as a diaper bag with the addition of a Skip Hop Pronto Changer 

or a conversion kit–like this “Diaper Bag Essentials” kit (and then those items can be transferred to your partner’s bag, too). A rucksack, for example, would be an awesome alternative.

That said, here are some characteristics that most diaper bags share and that you might want to look for if you do go an alternative route:  moisture-proof interior, comfortable handles, cross-body strap, light weight when empty, divided pockets, and a closure at top. My new bag could be a bit more “wipeable,” but it otherwise fits the bill perfectly!

If, however, you’re on the lookout for a proper diaper bag but you, like me, aren’t wild about the ones that seem intended to complement the baby’s style more than your own, here are a few other actual diaper bags I spotted and admired…

Update: Here’s what I carried in my diaper bag (at 9 months). 

[Grid: Storksak Jess 
/Storksak Emily (the Storksak Olivia is nice, too)/ timi & leslie Charlie II /Nest Hudson 
/Sym Charlie Lifestyle/Amanda Quilted BabyMel

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