Hudson’s first Christmas

Having a child at Christmastime does seem to change the nature of the holiday. Of course, at 5 months, Hudson doesn’t yet appreciate the celebration–besides the fact that he loves to stare at the Christmas lights, and has a lot of fun with the wrapping paper. We flew back to California to celebrate Christmas with both Ashley’s and my extended families. It was so fun to see everybody, and many of them met Hudson for the first time. A warm Christmas was par for the course for Ashley, who grew up in Southern California; but it took me a few years to get used to it when I first moved down to LA. But neither one of us was complaining when we strolled the docks in Long Beach in 70-degree weather, or when we dashed out barefoot in our bathing suits during one of Hudson’s naps. We enjoyed ourselves in Northern California as well, getting a chance to see Hudson’s cousins who were visiting from Germany and meet up briefly with family and friends.

For New Year’s eve we returned to New York and allowed Hudson some rare screen time with a streaming video of Paris at 6pm. Fortunately, though the travel really did a number on his sleep patterns, he slept through the local striking of midnight and we all greeted the new year well-rested and in good spirits. We’re so grateful to share the holidays with this sweet little boy; it will be hard for 2012 to best 2011 but we look forward to being surprised.

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