Making Mint Chocolate Chip frozen Greek Yogurt at home

When I was pregnant with Hudson, I found myself wanting to eat more ice cream than usual. My go-to was mint chocolate chip from Baskin-Robins, down the block. But I was intrigued to try a recipe that came out in the magazine Sweet Paul for frozen Greek Yogurt—and pleased with the results. Now that it’s summer, I’m thinking it might be time to revisit this one.

Making ice cream (or frozen yogurt) is super simple with the right equipment and would be a great kitchen activity for kids; we love our Cuisinart

and keep a bowl in the freezer for when the mood strikes, but you could just as easily put an eager ice-cream fan to work with some rock salt and a hand-cranked machine.

We gathered the ingredients listed in the recipe (here): fresh mint, honey, sugar, chocolate chips, Greek yogurt, and buttermilk, and got to work. I would suggest reducing the sugar and honey just a bit and adding another cup of mint leaves, however.

I was a pretty picky kid and the only true Mint Chocolate Chip in my opinion was that version at Baskin-Robins, with its chocolate slivers (versus large chips). To replicate that, I used a cheese knife to chop up a bar. One thing that appealed to the adult in me though was the use of Greek yogurt (as opposed to custard) for a base: the high protein content would be a nice balance to all the sugar. And when you make your own frozen yogurt, you have the option of adding food coloring–or not. I opted for green-free.

It’s even better after a night in the freezer. Then, all that’s missing is some chocolate shell.

P.S. Mouth-watering banana cake and thoughts on splitting dessert.

[NB: A few of you may recall my first trial on my old site, Baby Mine]

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