Je l’ai beacoup aimé!

Last night, Aron and I went to a little French restaurant, Jean Claude, down on Sullivan Street in SoHo, and then walked back up to City Cinemas to catch a late showing of Audrey Tatou as Chanel before her name became that of a fashion house–Coco avant Chanel. Everything seems to be more beautiful when it’s in French (though a movie about Chanel doesn’t need much help). We both walked home proclaiming our fondness for all of the beautiful details: Audrey, her clothes (the vests, the pajamas, the coat, the tweed and herring bone), her black horse with its brass fittings, her leather suitcase, the language, and so on and so forth. Lately, I’ve really been drawn to things one might label as having an equestrian aesthetic, and especially liked seeing the depiction of the designer being inspired to cultivate such a look after she learns to ride.

I think I’d like us to move into this film and stay for a little while.

(Movie photos by Chantal Thomine-Desmazures, Copyright Sony Pictures Classics)

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