Holiday in Palm Springs

Just a few photos from our most recent trip to Palm Springs. I decided Aron had to stay at the Ace hotel, too. At first I was worried that the hotel wouldn’t be too child-friendly, but like it or not, the hotel was overrun with families! (And I felt like it was a specific sort of family–those parents who are still in a bit of denial that they’re old enough to be parents? Know any of those? Wink-wink.)

Of course Hudson loved it: after all, there were sandboxes all around. And telephones in every room!

We reserved a Simple Suite so that Hudson could sleep in the living room, and we could stay up and have wild parties (i.e. watch cable television) in the bedroom. It actually worked out really well, despite the lack of interior doors between the two sections: there were exterior doors on either side so that we could each come and go (to the jacuzzi or restaurant or the drum circle by the pool) while Hudson slept.

I bought the Mid-century architectural self-tour guide and the Celebrity guide from the Visitor’s Center when we came into town and we spent one morning cross-referencing them. The architectural tour was the more interesting of the two, but if you decide to try and take the tour yourself, I’d recommend checking it against a Google map and pre-planning a more directed route.

They keep the pool at the Ace wonderfully warm–which was especially appreciated since the thermostat took a rare dip during the days we were in Palm Springs.

Delicious sushi at Kiyosaku on South Palm Canyon Drive. Usually we try to stop at El Gallito for Mexican food, but missed it on this visit–I’d definitely recommend it.

We visited Joshua Tree National Park one day.

And our friends from NY, Joanna and Alex, were in California for a visit and we met up one night for dinner (while Hudson and Toby shared a babysitter!). We all checked out Mister Parker’s at The Parker Meridien–which I was so excited to finally see.

Hudson was stumped by the dates that clogged up his straw in a banana date shake from Hadley’s. (Don’t worry–he didn’t drink that whole big thing: we just didn’t want to share ours.)

We were greeted by snowflakes on the Grapevine as we headed north, and suddenly we remembered that it was nearly New Year’s Eve.

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