Four Holiday Looks with Boden


Dinner dates, holiday parties, family feasts, and New Year toasts: the season of celebration is here!



In search of something festive to wear, I turned to Boden. The British-born company has long been a favorite source for bathing suits (like this one) and kids’ pajamas, but while I routinely dog-ear the women’s section of the catalogue, this was my first time ordering dresses and shoes. It won’t be my last.

By the way, I think I do about 90-percent of my shopping online these days. You? It’s so much simpler—provided the company has a flexible return policy. (They do.)


I asked my friend Susan to come over and take some photographs of the four holiday looks, after they arrived in the mail, and to help me choose something to wear out for drinks that night.

The first thing I tried was a classic red dress, with a full skirt that makes you want to twirl. It comes in other colors and patterns as well, and has a slightly open back that ties at the neck. I particularly loved that it has pockets and that, incredibly, it’s machine-washable. I think this one could easily be dressed up or down. A definite winner.



Next up was their silk satin spot dress. I debated getting the shirt version of this and pairing it with pants—unsure whether I’d feel comfortable in the higher hem—but I loved it! It’s soft and comfortable, and with its sheer sleeves and oversized polka dots, it hits the mark between playful and sexy without seeming like it’s trying too hard to be either.

You could definitely wear this bare-legged, but I paired it with their opaque tights and suede court heel—both of which I highly recommend. The tights, while opaque, are just sheer enough to give your leg a little dimension; and the heel (high, but not too high) is going to be my new favorite fancy black shoe.


Jumpsuits are one of my favorite looks lately, so I also ordered their lace one to try.

This has got to be the easiest thing to wear for a dressy occasion: you just zip yourself into it and the high waist and lacy arms do all the work for you.


I could actually get away with wearing this one with flats if I wanted, but heels gave the outfit of ’70s edge that I liked. (I tried it with these very high, seriously festive, sparkly bow heels.)



The fourth look I tried was a little white tunic dress that made me think of Jane Fonda circa ’67, Barefoot in the Park (she and Robert Redford are so dreamy in that if you haven’t seen it). It’s not classic “holiday” but I thought the white could look fresh and unexpected for a winter get-together.


So: lacy jumpsuit? Holiday red? ’60s-shift in winter white? Or polka-dot LBD? 

I’m still debating which to keep because I actually liked them all and could see wearing each on multiple occasions—beyond the holidays. But that night I chose to wear out…




…the little black dress with the heels and tights.

Which would you choose?


If you’re looking for something special (for you or anyone in your family), Boden’s Black Friday sale extends through the end of today, and it’s a good one: 30% off everything. 

P.S. A gift guide for her, from this morning.

This post is sponsored by Boden. All opinions are my own. Thank you for your support. 
Thank you to Susan Yee of En Pointe Photography for the beautiful photos! 

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