Easter Sunday (& Friday Links)

Do you celebrate Easter? We dyed eggs last week and the kids are looking forward to hunting for the filled-plastic variety with friends on Sunday, when we’ll have a potluck brunch. As for me, I’ve already broken into the candy stash, so my Easter started early. (Whoops!) There may be some restocking in order.

If you’re looking for some last-minute inspiration for the holiday, I’ve been saving some favorites to this Pinterest board. Also…

How to make easy-to-peel, perfect hard-boiled eggs. (Along with links to all of my favorite ways to prepare eggs.)

How to make the best buttermilk waffles.

Looking back at our Easter last year and the year before that.

And some links of note from around the web… 

Bevery Clearly, who wrote the wonderful Beezus and Romona books, just turned 101 on Wednesday! Here’s an interview she gave on the occasion of her 100th.

On the heels of yesterday’s post on cakes, this cactus one is amazing!

I heard an interview with Ray Davies of the Kinks’ about his new album, Americana, that makes me want to listen to the whole thing—seems a little rock, a little folk, like it could be on a Johnny Cash Pandora station.

There’s a new Sophia Coppola movie debuting at Cannes. Here’s the trailer.

And one for the new season of Catastrophe! Yay!

Everyone is probably reminding you about the annual Shopbob Sale. It usually gets me looking for the perfect one-piece. Black, this year. Is this it? This? Maybe this?

Would you follow along with A podcast club?

Also, Aron recommended “The World’s Worst Club” from Vox’s The Weeds in Podcasts as the best thing he’s heard in response to the United Airlines passenger assault.

An object lesson in the history of picnics.

How much an hour of running could add to your lifespan. I wish I could commit.

Beautiful Pink Shibori DIY

And lovely floral prints.

This frittata looks amazing. (Something I never thought I’d say.)

Too many scary government stories like this lately: “And after listening for 10 minutes I realized that not—it’s not so easy.”

Finally, recall that conversation about wife-bonuses? This made me think about that.

Have a great weekend, and happy Easter!

P.S. That peony in the photo is real and those eggs are un-dyed. Isn’t nature amazing?!

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