Scenes from Easter Sunday

Easter 2016 - Hither and Thither-7

Spring break topped with Easter weekend! What a rush!

We spent Easter Sunday with friends and family: First, opening a few small presents left by the Easter Bunny. And second, marveling at how much the kids have grown since our first get-together with friends in Davis, three years ago. A few highlights from the day…

Easter 2016 - Hither and Thither-1

Easter Morning

Easter 2016 - Hither and Thither-1-2

Easter 2016 - Hither and Thither-3

Easter 2016 - Hither and Thither-4

Bunny ears and books were waiting for the kids when they woke up. (Skyler is puckering up as she pretends to eat the cupcakes in her board book.)

Easter 2016 - Hither and Thither-11

Aron’s parents, John and Chris, once again welcomed us all into their beautiful yard.

Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt 2

The routine hasn’t changed much, but the candy quantity has certainly been amped up. I filled the eggs with raisins, banana chips, and cheddar bunnies when everyone was two, but now they know better: marshmallows, sweet tarts and the like were the bounty instead.

Easter 2016 - Hither and Thither-2-2

With all of the babies down to only one (later) nap and the older kids content to play together and investigate the loot, the treat for us was a relatively leisurely brunch!

Easter 2016 - Hither and Thither-6

Hope those who celebrated had a nice holiday!

P.S. Easter last year (when, I see, we also happened to skip dying eggs).

Update: Skyler’s pajamas are from Tea Collection and her dress is from Mini Boden. 

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