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There are so many things going on lately–and consequently so many things to post about–that I’ve become a bit blocked when it comes to getting back to blogging. It’s been nice to take a little break for traveling, moving, and acquainting myself with a new home and routine, but now where to begin? It’s completely self-imposed (right?) but it feels like, after stepping away for so long, my first post has to be something really phenomenal. So this is my attempt at dissipating that: Antelope Canyon. Because what is more phenomenal than this slot canyon?

Aron and I went on a road trip one April, many years ago (maybe 2002?), and detoured through Navajo lands near Page, Arizona, to visit the Antelope Slot Canyon–a narrow canyon formed within eroded Sandstone. Once sliding through a crevice just barely wider than our shoulders, the floor opened up to reveal deep and wavy corridors of stunning red rock.

More regular (non-phenomenal) posting to resume next week!

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