Davis Farmer’s Market: Here, it’s still summer

Though the shadows are getting longer and the mornings have grown decidedly cool, it still feels like summer here. The ten-day forecast reveals highs around 100 for the next few days, and 80s beyond that. So in lieu of bouquets of sharpened pencils, I’m still picking up baskets of strawberries and bowls of stone fruits at the farmer’s market.

I’m happy to report that while, of course, there will be plenty to miss about living in New York City this year, good produce and a lively local market is not one of those things.

Often listed among the best in the country, Davis’s farmer’s market runs on Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons–the latter of which runs late with live music from March to October. Aron and I have been going for years–since he was a wee lad and since I was an undergraduate at Davis in the mid-nineties–and we both agree that the displays have gotten more beautiful and the offerings more varied over the years.

And for the time-being, it still looks like summer–with just a few hints of the season to come.

P.S. Photos from the Davis farmer’s market in the spring, when I was pregnant with Hudson. (And two of our favorite markets in NYC: the Union Square Greenmarket and the New Amsterdam Market.)

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