ACE Hotel

I met Ashley for lunch yesterday at the Breslin.
The Breslin is the latest restaurant from April Bloomfield (of Spotted Pig fame) and is located in the new Ace hotel, an oasis of awesomeness in the upper 20s. We’d been there one other time, and it was clear from this and from our last visit that this hotel had become a hangout not only for guests but for New Yorkers looking for a place with wifi and a great atmosphere–and with Stumptown coffee and vintage library tables in place, it’s not surprising to learn that they’ve actually had some trouble preserving room in the lobby for guests. We did a little looking around while waiting for a table…

We ordered drinks, but–as Ashley had to go back to work and as I am a gentleman–I helped her finish hers, a Beggars’ Banquet (Bourbon, maple syrup, lemon juice, Bitters, topped with ale). I had a Kingdom Come, made with scotch, orange essence, black tea syrup, lemon juice and egg white.

The Breslin sits squarely in the catagory of gastropub–rich comfort food made with precious ingredients. Various posters and statuettes remind you that you are about to eat meat, if not specifically where your cut would come from. Light poured into the bar, but just barely seemed to make it into the dining area. 


Ashley had a decadent three cheese and ham (which was more like prosciutto cotto than deli ham) sandwich with delicious little pickles and spicy, whole-grain mustard. I had a lamb burger, which reminded me of some of my favorite burgers, only with a stronger, more meaty flavor. It was all excellent.

Have a good weekend!

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