Yoga for kids

For much of the first week of the new year, we were cabin-bound as inches of snow fell in the Sierras. It was beautiful! But when more snowplay wasn’t in the cards, I went searching for some yoga programming to watch with the kids for some indoor activity.

Have you ever seen Cosmic Kids Yoga? It was so brilliant—exactly what we needed: it’s a YouTube channel where an enthusiastic instructor named Jaime Amor makes yoga fun for kids with stories. You can choose by variables like length (under 10 minutes, over 15 minutes), category (relaxation, dance, etcetera) and energy (calm, focused, or active). We started with an episode of Frozen Yoga, where Jaime tells the entire story of Frozen to yoga poses. At 30 minutes, it was on the long side for Skyler, but she would start and stop at will.

The one we’ve done a few times now, however, is a Star Wars episode IV program. Grab your light sabers for warrior pose! All four of us did it together.

It was exactly what I was looking for!

Have you found any great guided exercise- or mindfulness-based activities for kids? Would love to learn of more.  

P.S. We also discovered The Wiggles for the first time (you may have seen the IG stories post), and that was definitely Skyler’s favorite for getting up and dancing.

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