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Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! We are looking forward to celebrating a friend’s birthday, watching the Academy Awards, and getting some spring cleaning done!

Some links of note… 

Greta Thunberg Wants [Us] To Think Bigger This Earth Day

What will accountability have to do with justice?

The USDA extends free meals through 2022 for students.

When I saw this on Tik Tok… I don’t think I’ve run to try something faster. (Verdict: It works!)

The Politics of Pandemic Oscars

Incredible! Turtles coming together once every year in the Great Barrier Reef

Jane Fonda brings back the Jane Fonda workout on Tik Tok

Ted Lasso Season Two is coming!

Here’s a Lasso-inspired shortbread recipe until then. Or is this the real one?

Did you see this video of a rabid bobcat attacking a woman on her driveway?! Yikes!

I’m about halfway through Of Women and Salt and I love it so far. (Starting this next as a bookclub read.)

The Underground Railroad was one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’m definitely going to watch the miniseries by Barry Jenkins.

Aron tried on the men’s swimtrunks here and I loved the slimmer, slightly shorter fit for a boardshort style.

The real Kermit the Frog?

Such a great coat rack design.

Such a cute linen dress. (I avoided this store when I was its targeted age, but I’ve found some gems recently.)

We’ve been listening to The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood as a family and I just loved the opening, written to the reader.

I finally got a haircut, over a year later!

Made me laugh.

[Dreamy kitchen photo via Emily Henderson: design by studio ezra | photo by amelia stanwix]

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