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A while back, I read an interview with Johanna St. Clair who—with her husband, John McCambridge—started a surf shop called Mollusk in the foggy Outer Sunset in San Francisco in 2005. It was one of those small-business-makes-good stories that sticks with you. The brand, which started by selling t-shirts and hand-shaped surfboards, just seemed like it had come from such an organic place—a love of waves and art. (They curate art exhibitions and music shows at three of their all of their locations.) They’ve since opened shops in Venice and Silverlake (I stopped in during our LA visit), and have come to be known as a bit of a San Francisco institution, but they remain a small company with a focused aesthetic.

I’ve been following the brand a bit since reading that interview. They’ve grown their clothing line from t-shirts to all kinds of ’60s-inspired beachwear, and they’ve just released their spring line in this gorgeous catalogue, photographed by by Will Adler. These are some of my favorite images—all sunbathed and glowing—and a few things I’m thinking about trying out for the summer.





When I moved to Northern California for college, people would learn I was from Los Angeles and ask me if I surfed. Sadly, the answer was—and still is—no. (Though I will take a lesson one day!) But while I never learned to ride a wave, I think so many mornings of driving past waves dotted with boards, of watching surfers pulling on or off wetsuits beside their cars, and those summer days on Huntington Beach beside the pier, gave me a real appreciation for images like these.





The lines on that high-wasted bikini are so awesome! (And—I would think—if it’s made for surfing, it’s made to stay put!)





Some of my favorite items here: Sasha Dress & Hamilton Crew / that Holly Bikini, of course / Sailor Stripe Shirt / Gaviota Dress / Ali Hat / and the Dipped tote

P.S. Favorite sandals.

This post is in partnership with Mollusk but all opinions are my own. All photos by by Will Adler for Mollusk. 

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