A StickyGram habit

Have you heard of StickyGrams? We’ve been growing our collection on the refrigerator ever since moving to Davis—and I love them! Basically, StickyGram transforms your Instagrams into fun little magnets (and, now, IPhone and Ipad Cases). You just log in to StickyGram with your Instagram details, and choose from your own photos.

The quality is great. And because I use Instagram so frequently, it’s easy to grab what feels like a fairly accurate representation of our favorite, informal family moments to display.

They come in sheets—nine photos in a square, and I hadn’t even bothered taking ours apart (but rather have just been adding sheets to a single large grid one-by-one) until it occurred to me to let Hudson rearrange them. He loves looking at them and pointing out specific ones to babysitters!

Fair warning: they’re nearly addictive as Instagram itself. In fact, now that Skyler is here I think I may need to order the next sheet!

By the way, StickyGrams also now offers a new magnet called “The Jigsaw,” wherein one image is displayed over the nine magnets. And they’re having a sale—25% off of all phone cases and iPad covers through the end of the month! Check it out.

This post is sponsored by StickyGram but all opinions expressed are my own. I have been happily making StickyGrams for quite some time now! 

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