Sponsor highlight: Brookelyn Photography

We have a new sponsor I’m excited to introduce to you: Brookelyn Photography. Brooke is the talented photographer we have to thank for the lovely photo of the two of us on our homepage. A few years back, you might recall, Aron won us a photoshoot styled by You+Me and shot by Brooke; we love the results and are so happy to have these to treasure for years to come. I actually recognized the name Brookelyn photography from before, however, when her beautiful family shots of Elisabeth were featured on Cup of Jo–so you might, too!

In addition to shooting weddings, Brooke takes beautiful family portraits. I also happen to partial to her photos of horses from her trip to Iceland and her clam-digging editorial shoot. Check her out!

Brookelyn Photography
Interested in sponsorship on Hither and Thither? Contact us at amuirbruhn [at] gmail [dot] com. 

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