Spilling the beans

We’ve made reference a few times now to our favorite French toast in the city; it’s probably our favorite place for brunch, in fact: Frankies 17. We ambled over one day a few years ago, fed up with the line down the street at Clinton Street Baking Company, and have never looked back.
The two Franks who make up Frankies opened up shop in Carroll Gardens first; Frankies on Court Street is equally beautiful–it’s larger, actually, with a gorgeous garden–and it offers a full bar, but it doesn’t serve our other favorite brunch dish (first or second to the French toast depending on which I happen to be eating when you ask), the egg sandwich. Smoky, salty bacon; eggs and aged provolone; all served on the best pizza bianca from Grandaisy bakery in Tribeca. Be still my heart.
Aron and I have a little routine when we go in–and the very sweet waiter, Ellie, with her gentle voice, always remembers: we first split the egg sandwich with an extra egg, and then, for dessert, split the french toast. Sometimes Bellinis, but always a Stumptown latte or cappuccino. As if the best french toast and best egg sandwich in town weren’t enough, they serve Stumptown coffee! I would choose this meal over just about any (and we have, in fact, for the past two years on New Year’s day).

They also serve dinner–they have relationships with some fantastic, local vendors (Fleischers meats, Saxelby cheese mongers, etc.)–and bring back wonderful, spicy, green olive oil from their trees in Sicily ever year… lots to love.

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