Some useful parenting tips

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I once read on parenting was about handling frustration. Essentially, if you’re feeling frustrated with your baby for not behaving the way you want him or her to, stop and think about whether it’s them who is doing something they shouldn’t, or whether it’s just that whatever they’re doing is interfering with your vision for the day. If it’s the latter (and hint hint, it usually is with a baby), then adjust your expectations.

I’ve noticed that the times I’ve felt exasperated or short-on-patience with Hudson usually coincided with a time I was trying to accomplish something on a to-do list (or to get a break to zone out and check email) and he was interfering with that precious plan by, you know, waking up too soon or fussing for a walk or a snack! Geez, the nerve! Lesson learned: The less I count on being able to multi-task, the better time we both have.

Joanna asked me to share a few of the things I’ve learned for a parenting-advice roundup she put together. You can check it out here. There are some great words of wisdom in the comments as well.

What would you share?

P.S. No Friday link list this week, but I did update my Halloween post with a photo of Hudson and I on the holiday together. My costume? I won first prize for Sweetest Strawberry Pie. (And it sure does feel like I did, too–occasional exasperation and all.)

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