Shoulder seasons (& Friday links)


Are you done with travel until the holidays or do you have any other getaways planned? I feel like now is both the time I most want to be a homebody and the best time to get out and hit the road. Shoulder season, when the days are still long (and in many places quite warm) but the crowds are thin is a great time to travel. Last year, we spent a beautiful weekend in Yosemite around this time.

Yosemite in the fall: Highly recommended.

Of course if you’re staying in, and getting reacquainted with Dr. Mindy Lahiri, Olivia Pope, the Bravermans and the like… I can get behind that, too. Here are a few links to supplement the return of fall television…

And a recipe that’s befitting: Tacos that celebrate “September’s clash of summer glory and autumn quiet.”

The “whoever/whomever dilemma,” solved. (But this is why I hesitate to tell people I was an editor. We all make mistakes! Poor Bryan Garner.) For the record, my pet-peeve is the conflation of was/were in conditional statements. Nerd alert.

Davis is another hotbed for this issue.

Sisters receive the gift of sight.

Not ready for summer to end? Take a mental dip in these stunning, all-natural swimming pools.

Birth, around the world. Moving images and yet impossibly representative: there are so many experiences!

A Color Thesaurus. Brilliant! And beautiful.

Landmarks, from day to night.

Adorable knit pretzels for babies. (Would’ve been good for our city kid.)

Jumping for joy.

Hudson’s birthday party was on 100 Layer Cakelet this week! (Here are some more photos.)

And… look who’s crawling!

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