Happy Birthday to me!

Who knew what an advantage having a fall birthday would be? This year, Ashley planned a trip up to the Catskills, right around the peak of fall color. She picked up a rental car and then came to pick me up–straight from work–and off we went!

Getting out of the city was insane, and took way longer than expected, but as soon as we got over the GW Bridge and onto the Palisades parkway, the traffic cleared and we saw that the trees’ colors were in full display.

On the way there, we stopped at Jones Family farm–where Grandma Phoebe was genuine and charming. She gave us samples of fudge before sneaking what turned out to be an excellent Birthday Cake into a box and giving it to Ashley.

We picked up a pizza just before we arrived at the Katerskill Inn. We like to imagine that we could someday have a place like this… There is something about living in New York City, perhaps that it demands one to totally immerse oneself in urban culture, that makes a country home very attractive (even if you never knew you wanted one before). The Katerskill is owned by New Yorkers who seem to tap into that fantasy. The place provides everything you want out of the country: farm animals, horses, a fireplace, a pond–but without the cliché tin roosters and gingham curtains.

Saturday brought some nasty weather; it was rainy and windy, but we were not deterred. After a leisurely morning by the fire, we hopped in the car and drove around some of the more scenic roads. I was surprised how the foul weather actually seemed to enhance some of the vistas.


After a day in the rain, we were glad to return to our Inn–and its fireplace and jacuzzi-tub.

The following morning, we woke up and the sun was shining. For the first time, we could see that the hills behind the property were filled with red and yellow and gold trees. It was lovely.

We drove home, in the most circuitous way possible. We stopped off to pick apples, get pumpkins, taste farm fresh milk, and to stare aghast at all of the amazing trees.

As we neared New York City, we entered the Hudson Valley and drove along a road which skirted a cliff looking down over the Hudson. It was hard not to stop to take photos at every turn.


For dinner, we stopped in Piermont,closing the weekend with a very good meal. It was an excellent birthday weekend–definately the one with the best fall color either of us has ever seen!

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