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Have you heard of the Creative Action Network? They “run crowdsourced campaigns around causes, inviting artists to build collections of original, visual, meaningful content.” I learned about it by way of Hannah (who shared their Covering the Classics campaign) and Shayna (who designed that beautiful Muir Woods poster above).

In this case, over 185 artists created over 600 poster designs highlighting natural landmarks and treasured sites in a campaign to support the National Parks Conservation Association and revive the legacy of the New Deal (and New-Deal-era posters). Anyone can submit artwork to a campaign and 40% of profits from work sold is given to the artists. What a great idea!

These are some of my favorites (you can browse by state).


Tallgrass prairie

Do you have any road-trip plans for the summer? Anybody planning trips to a National Park? We’re actually going to be driving through the Cascades early next week as part of the #GreatCoastRoadTrip! I’m also excited to see Seattle again (where we nearly lived!) and to visit Portland for the first time. I can already tell I’m going to wish we had more time there!

Have a great weekend!

Mt. Rainier

P.S. Yosemite National Park. Also, if you stare at the word “See” enough, it starts to look funny!

[Saguaro National Park by Hanna Norris // Muir Woods by Shayna Roosevelt // Cape Cod National Sea Shore by Susanne Lamb // Montana by Victoria Fernandez // Appalachian National Scenic Trail by Livia Veneziano // Tallgrass Prairie by Alexis Lampley // Mount Rainier National Park by Agustin Contreras]

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