There are always great deals to be had in New York–if you know where to find them. Most of the time I don’t know where to find them—but Ashley does. Last Monday, she suggested we go to Irving Mill for their Rye-Fecta. Irving Mill is the type of restaurant that Ashley and I seem to be drawn to: it serves New American cuisine, has a rustic décor, and is dimly lit with light bulbs whose filaments are designed to glow rather than create bright light.

The Rye-Fecta was inspired by the horse races this month and consisted of a trilogy of Jim Beam’s Premium Rye Whiskey, a pint of Sixpoint’s Righteous Rye Ale, and Chef Ryan Skeen’s burger. The burger alone is normally $15, so we’re not talking about a cheap burger. But the Monday night Rye-Fecta came as described for $15 total.

We went around 9 p.m. and ate outside, which felt fantastic, and enjoyed a great burger (after sending the first one back for being over-cooked). Ashley had her whisky in the form of a mint julep, while I took mine neat. Sadly, we attended the last Rye-Fecta (it ended with the month of April), but our waiter informed us they would have a new, similar special for May. Inspired by Cinco de Mayo (or maybe the H1N1 Flu?) May’s theme will be Mexican and feature tequila. And maybe some Avocado on the burger? We shall see!

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