Mountain Sweet Berry Farms’ Potato Chips

Aron and I stopped to sample some of the best potato chips I’ve ever had at the Greenmarket not too long ago; they were the sort of thing that make you stop and think “oh, so that’s what that should taste like.” I snapped this photo and then forgot about the small batch chips until the other day when a salt-craving hit.

A little digging uncovered that Mountain Sweet Berry Farms is at the Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and that farmer Rick Bishop is famous for his Fingerling Potatoes and was actually asked to develop a crop of Peruvian Fingerlings for David Bouley years ago. There’s a wonderful article about him, here, in Edible.

I can’t say for certain that they will be at his stand when you visit, but do keep an eye out for these Brown Butter Potato Chips. They were the real deal. And if you’re not in Manhattan… maybe pick-up a mandoline and some Fingerlings?

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