Going Dutch

A few weeks back, Aron and I shared an amazing meal at The Dutch. In fact, we had one of our favorite desserts of late: warm curry donuts with a large cup of butterscotch pudding. The donuts were rolled–we decided–in curry powder, salt, and sugar; the spot-on butterscotch pudding was topped with peanut and cardamom brittle. Amazing.

But here’s the crazy bit: After we devoured the two donuts (one for each of us) and stopped “mmmm”-ing long enough to say just how amazing we thought they were, Aron confessed that his enjoyment was slightly hampered by not knowing how much of the dessert portion was his.

Record scratch: What!?

But as crazy as I think he is for letting this interfere with his enjoyment of the very shareable donut dessert in question, I do get it. How fast or slow could he go with the pudding? How many bites did he have left? He likes to build to the perfect last bite and apparently (even after years of my learning that I need to mentally draw a line down the middle of whatever we’re sharing, lest I get the stink eye) my spoon was just moving too fast for comfort.

What crazy eccentricities do you (or your partner or friend) have about sharing? Do you secretly hate it when people suggest sharing (like Joey on Friends)?

P.S. I’m doubling over in laughter right now, because I showed this text to Aron and he said: “Wait. Why ‘What!?’ I don’t get it. Will anyone else get it? It’s not crazy. I’m normal.”


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