Love, Adorned

Everything in Love, Adorned seems carefully considered–from the practical (heavy-stock, letterpress business cards) to the fanciful (engraved fossilized-mammoth-tusk jewelry)–and the result is one of the more beautiful, interesting boutiques to land in NoLIta. We have been watching this store and its evolving collection from our favorite booth across the street at Jo’s since it first opened this past December. It just keeps getting better.

Lori Leven of New York Adorned–a popular tattoo parlor–stocks the shop with beautiful tools, decorations, and plenty of covetable jewelry designs. It’s a lovely space with an unusual collection–and an unusual mix of hard and soft: in fact, the last time we were there, Lori had set up the back of the store as a New York Adorned pop-up ink parlor to make-do while her permanent space is being remodeled.

So far I’ve left empty-handed (many of the goods are, sadly, not on my budget), but it’s a fantastic addition to a favorite neighborhood.

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