Looking back at Cape Cod (& Friday links)




The stores are forecasting fall a bit too early for my taste. I’m not yet done with summer. How are you spending these last weeks of the season? I felt inspired to look back at our time spent in Cape Cod and cringed at the tiny photos in those travelogues. So this past week, I went through and updated the images. I hope you’ll have a look: Our first travelogue from Cape Cod, and one from a pre-baby getaway the summer Hudson was born.

And here are a few other things you might take a look at…

Noteworthy train trips, around the world.
Maybe coloring on the walls isn’t such a bad idea after all.
Art Desks.
Chocolate legos.
Hidden message necklaces (via Swissmiss), and Morse code necklaces.
Spot-on tips for on making mom friends by one of my favorite guest contributors.
New perspectives on Paris rooftops.
Toilet paper rolls never looked so cute.
Best books for children “who feel different.”
Caramelized peach pancakes. Yum.
The most beautiful (homemade!) baby gym. (Another inspiring DIY: hand-painted linens.)

And finally, I am honored to be nominated for a USA Today/10Best reader’s choice photography award! (I’d love your vote!) I’m also thankful to be called a Bay Area Mom “Lifestyle” Blog Award Winner!

Have a great weekend!

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